The Passing of a Legend — Goodbye, Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin
Photo: ACL

Announcements regarding funeral arrangements, etc. will be posted at Michael’s Memorial Page.

March 19, 2008

(PID NEWS) — THIS is a very dark time for listeners of A Closer Look with Michael Corbin, for a great light has gone out.

Yesterday afternoon, legendary radio host Michael Corbin, passed away in Denver, Colorado, following a massive stroke that had left him in a coma since Monday.

Corbin might well be called the father of alternative news, both in radio and on the internet. Beginning in the 1980s with FIDONet, Corbin refused to accept mainstream media spin, choosing instead to dig into first hand accounts from news-watchers all over the world. It was through FIDOnet, that Corbin met Indira Singh; and it was through Singh that Derek and I grew to know and appreciate Corbin’s work.

Through FIDONet, followed by ParaNet BBS and the ParaNet Continuum Radio Program (which eventually became A Closer Look in 2002), Corbin connected disturbing dots and revealed hidden truths not only about UFO conspiracies but also about government conspiracies — as well as the spiritual battle interweaving both.

Throughout his long and amazing career, Michael Corbin hosted a ‘who’s who’ of alternative and mainstream media figures. This distinguished fellowship includes Father Malachi Martin, Indira Singh, Paul and Phillip Collins, Jim Marrs, Stanton Friedman, Bill Byrnes, Chuck Missler, Graham Hancock, Richard C. Hoagland, Whitley Strieber, Zechariah Sitchin, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Texe Marrs, Vince DiPietro, Bud Hopkins, Carlo Calvi, Russ Kick, Dr. Judith Reisman, Steven Emerson, Noreen Gosch (mother of kidnapped teen Johnny Gosch), William Gertz, Kris Milligan, Linda Chavez, Maury Terry, Jonathan Levy, Gary Webb, William H. Kennedy, Alex Jones, Greg Palast, John Dean, Lew Rockwell, Jerry E. Smith, Karen Kwiatkowsky, Sherrie Gossett, H. Michael Sweeney, Dr. Imad Khadduri, Joel C. Rosenberg, Charles Upton, David Aikman, Rich Lowry, Chief Justice Roy Moore, Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Nick Begich, Vox Day, Sherman Skolknick, Aaron Russo, Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani of WingTV, Dr. Michael A. Salla, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, TJ Bonner, Father William Garding, Jayna Davis, Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin (Ret.), Ralph Bunch, Daniel Ellsberg, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Daniel Hopsicker, Andrea Psoras, John Carman, Charlotte Iserbyt, Linda Nee, Wayne Madsen, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jim Gilchrist, Rusty Nelson, Sen. John DeCamp, Peter Levenda, Joyce Riley, Diana Washington Valdez, and so many more.

Somehow, the internet won’t seem the same without new insights from Corbin’s quick mind. Archives of his hundreds of interviews are available at This astounding body of work is Michael’s gift to us. Though Corbin’s passing leaves a tremendous wake in the world, his legacy will live on and on.


  1. Charlotte,

    I was very sorry to see Mike Corbin’s passing. Naturally reading what happened, and knowing how the intelligence apparatus and its creepy technology can off people, my suspicion is that they went after him and wondered what he toe’d over that was more than what he’d surfaced in the past.

    The Lord had showed me in the summer of 2005 that He’d brought me through all of this, that as He brings me out of it, His name will be glorified. He is the only way up and out of the control perpetrated against most of america, most ‘christians’ including catholisicm and denominational/protestantism, and in cases like mine, aggressive invasion of my privacy with an implant, etc. 911 and being a wall street whistle blower only add to the ‘color’.

    The NSA has had its counterfeit, christianism OP they’ve had going on bible belt, and ‘christians’ around the States.

    Perhaps they off’d him because in time he’d expose the grand scale mind control and just how manipulated most people are.

    And at this point but probably from the beginning with yet more putrification by the nsa and its tech of ‘christian’, that it is an anti-christ spirit.

    Please feel free to contact me.

    Andrea Psoras

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