Flu Vaccine will be DNA based

June 30, 2009

GET READY for your flu shot, everyone. When Obama’s new health care package gains traction, you can bet one of the primary features will be compulsory vaccinations of all participants.

This is especially concerning given the news that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius has just offered $35M to a privately owned company called Protein Sciences to refine its DNA based vaccine against ‘swine flu’ (H1N1).

Here’s a disturbing excerpt from the above linked article:

HHS notes, “if this new technology is demonstrated to be safe and effective and the FDA licenses the new technology for flu vaccines, the contract requires the company to …provide a finished vaccine within 12 weeks of pandemic onset and to produce at least 50 million doses of pandemic flu vaccine within six months of pandemic onset.”

Note that it’s the ‘technology’ that will be approved, not the ‘vaccine’. In order to provide a ‘finished vaccine with 12 weeks of pandemic onset’, the DNA-based concoction would have no time to undergo human trials. In other words, you and I will be the guinea pigs.

Also in the news today, another tiny company is making big strides in stocks. Vical, a DNA-based research group (a company that has a licensing agreement with Merck), announced that it has found the golden goose. Vical claims that its H1N1 DNA vaccine is a success in animal trials, and that it can deliver the product quickly through its own trademarked ‘RapidResponse’ technology.

Vical is looking for capital to finance human trials, but with the flu season around the corner, and lots of money on the line, is there really time?

In my second book, The Armageddon Strain, a manufacture H5N1/ebola chimera is set loose in the American southwest. In response to the subsequent epidemic, a new company called BioStrain conveniently steps up with a brand new nanotechnology that involves recombinant DNA. The chip is a killer in more ways than one.

While my book is fiction, the ‘swine flu’ pandemic is not. Yes, some claim the infection rates are overblown and that this brand of swine flu is a tempest in a teapot. Whether the severity of the outbreak has been exaggerated makes no difference. If ‘health care’ and/or a state of emergency demand all citizens receive inoculations, then your family and mine will be expected to ‘toe the line’.

Without extensive clinical trials, it’s impossible to know the longterm effects of injecting people with DNA chimeras. However, the implications remind me of Genesis 6. With all the media memes involving transhumanism, is it possible we are being set up to recreate the world of the Watchers?

Generally, I avoid sounding alarm bells, but the notion of an untested recombinant vaccine being forced upon any population chills me to the bone. The tagline of the Armageddon Strain book is ‘Are you ready for your flu shot’? No. No, I’m not. But more importantly, I have to ask: are you ready for the end of life as we know it?

Are you? Do you know Christ? Now’s the time to get to know him. The last moments of this age are at the very doors. It’s time to pick a side.


  1. Your material is EXACTLY what my audience wants to hear. Would you consider doing a radio interview about this ? I am on two networks one in the Kansas City area and on the Liberty Works Radio Network in Tampa, Fl.
    Mail me back or call me 785-838-9708 if interested.

  2. thank you for this article. it is bold and brings to light so many issues that we all need to be concerned with.

  3. This article is ultra-watered down of course just to cover the DNA delivery mechanism, but there is no doubt about the ill-intentions of the eugenicist vaccine manufacturers.

    We may have had some pesky diseases going on in the last few hundred years, but since the invention of vaccines and flu shots – – we’ve had unending discovery of new illness after new illness after new illness after new illness.

    Vaccination benefits are basically non-existent since we are cultured to believe that they work, not actually being shown the where, when, who, what, why & how of these such miraculous injections.

    We are supposed to ignore things like heavy metal preservatives, polio on the rise worldwide (wasn’t everyone vaccinated in the 70’s??), and the fact that my friends daughter just got over chicken pox even though she was vaccinated for it!!

    No, I will not ignore those who wrap themselves in the salvation flag of humanity while offering me a toxic medical concoction, to save me.

  4. more control , all of this is going to lead right up to the government tring to get every one fitted for a chip , i would never get a vaccinated by the government i do not trust them on what they want to inject in me any one who does is stupid ! , there need to be a total nuclear war and i think there will be hundreds of million if not billions need to die , this is the only way to cleans the earth , unless god steps in wipes out man kind as we know it
    man has just fucked up this place so bad that the only way to fix it is to wipe it out and start over , i want to live in a world with no government control and have real freedom , or just die ,

  5. I believe that there are greedy people in high places that do not have our best health interests at heart! But I also believe that we can pray and ask God for a hedge of protection against this and He will hear his people!

  6. Hi thank you for the article on swine flu and its DNA based. As many informed Americans like myself question the swine flu vaccine..Can you tell me if it will do any good to sign petitions against it. I realize that Marshall Law can change even religious exemptions.thanks for all that you do.

  7. I read this blog this morning and thought, yes this is what we need to do, fight back!
    Who said we had to sit and take it?
    As long as the government thinks of us as mindless, spineless sheep, we will be herded up and treated like sheep!
    What happened to American backbone, where is our outrage at having our entire government usurped by an outside entity, WHO, that is neither elected, part of our government, and has taken power over our own established constitution?
    Where does WHO get the authority to force anything on any American citizen?
    What army does it have at its disposal to force its policies?
    Our army?
    I don’t think so, not in this day and age!
    Over my dead body!
    How did the World Health Organization get so much power over us?

    Yes, it’s past time to fight back, if they are going to kill us with a vaccine, we have nothing to lose by fighting back, we’re saving our own lives and that of our families.
    We can’t afford to sit and whine about how unfair this is and to wail, “oh woe is me”
    I know for a fact, WHO had better not come into the cities, they don’t stand a chance if they do, especially since there is now evidence that they started this epidemic and that the vaccines are deadly, killed 24 people in Poland already!
    If everyone refuses to obey, there is nothing they can do to us.
    United we stand, Divided we fall.
    This lady is right, we have the right to resist evil in all forms and from whatever source.
    An unjust law is no law at all and we are obligated to refuse to obey an unjust law.


    From Bovine.com

    a few sleepless thoughts after reading more about Michael Schmidt

    by Guest Blogger, Cheryl Hadden

    Who has the authority to tell you what you can eat?
    Do you have the right to refuse to abide by these rules and laws?
    Are these laws in violation of your freedom and civil rights?

    Who has the authority to tell you what you can put in your body?
    Do you have the right to refuse to obey?

    If these matters are about the right to nourish and sustain your own body in a manner that best benefits you, does the state have the right to limit your access to those very things that you need for a healthy and disease free life?

    If you are not putting your life in danger, being a danger to others or in any violation of just and established laws, does the state have the right to force you to take a deadly substance into your body that you object to taking?

    Doesn’t the state have to prove that there is imminent danger before passing judgment that affects the people?

    Shouldn’t the state bear the burden of proof because they are using statutes created for situations that have long ceased to exist and due to present technology are no longer a threat or danger to the people?

    Should not the people have access to the courts to appeal outdated and irrelevant statues, laws and regulation?

    The state should bear the burden to conduct proper and neutral testing and research into issues that are a matter of health or sickness of the people.
    Isn’t it a violation of civil rights for municipalities to use outdated laws and statues that are no longer valid to prevent the people from accessing necessary foodstuffs and essential products to maintain the vital health of our families?

    It’s not a matter of safety or the breaking of outdated laws, it’s about inherent liberties and God given rights of choice and the determination of ones life situations.

    I choose for myself what is best for me. It is not the states purpose to dictate or demand that the people can only eat or drink what the state determines is best, especially without proof or validation of the states decisions.

    God gave me this life and no state or man made authority has the right to supersede the authority of God. If God himself allows freedom of choice, of free will, then the state has no right or authority to override God.

    God does not forcibly impose his will on anyone, the state can do no less.
    This is my belief that between the state and God, God is the higher authority.
    And I will defend with my dying breath this belief and these rights.

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