Marian ‘Miracle on the mountain’ in Philippines?

Emma de Guzman (Photo: Philippine Star)
Emma de Guzman (Photo: Philippine Star)

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In the ‘lying signs and wonders’ category this week is this report from Manila about a woman who claims to see ‘Mama Mary’ on a mountain called ‘Salvation’.

The ‘seer’ is Emma C. de Guzman, who, according to the report, holds healing sessions twice a year in a shrine on Mount Batulao, which pilgrims call their “Mountain of Salvation.”

According to a June 27th report at the Philippine Star:

Emma de Guzman is a poor widow with three children from Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija and had to work initially as a domestic helper in Singapore in the early ‘80s and later in Canada as a nanny (she didn’t even know what a nanny was before she got the job).

De Guzman’s first vision, she claims, was of Jesus Christ Himself. Later, on a trip to New York with her employer, de Guzman ‘saw’ her first vision of Mary:

Emma said that the vision happened while she was at the Fatima Shrine during a trip to New York with her employer. When she returned to her home base in Canada, she says that the Blessed Mother started appearing to her repeatedly.

Emma also ‘sees’ and communicates with saints such as Bernadette, Sister Faustina, Teresa of Avila, and even St. John (Christ’s disciple and writer of the book of Revelation). It was John, de Guzman claims, who spoke to her in ancient Greek.

Documentary filmmaker, June Keithley, has produced a film titled, Emma, which premiered in the Philippines on June 27, 2009. The two-hour documentary introduces de Guzman as a simple widow with three children, who supports her family by working as a domestic in Singapore.  When she lost her job, de Guzman says she had no idea how she would find new employment.

She says she didn’t know where to go after her contract in Singapore expired. While seated on a bench in the Lion City, a strong wind blew. In its wake, a small piece of paper landed at Emma’s feet. When Emma read the paper, it bore the name of the agency and the contact number of a job opportunity in Canada. She went home to the Philippines to fix her documents. A friend helped her with the logistics and Emma flew to Canada to become a nanny.  (Source: Philippine Star)

The documentary shows Emma de Guzman ‘sweating gold’, which appeared to be simple glitter, but was analyzed by “acclaimed scientists in the States”, who proclaimed the gold dust genuine.

But Emma de Guzman does so much more. According to de Guzman’s website:

Emma’s multiple supernatural gifts, which have been manifested to thousands of people, include healing, bilocation, levitation, reading of hearts and souls, communion without deglutition (which is the process of using the throat muscles to swallow); and the appearance of bleeding hosts on her tongue–one after another. She also receives pure white hosts miraculously. Emma has also been given the gift of prophecy and the odor of sanctity. (To date she has received five beautiful perfumed fragrances.) People have witnessed roses emerge from the center of her chest and rose petals and roses fall around her. On many occasions witnesses have seen fragrant oil appear on her face, hands, feet and even ooze from her eyes. Statues of Jesus, Mary and other saints have oiled and bled while she was present. On multiple occasions Emma’s body has been covered with multi-colored glitter. All of the above happenings have been witnessed by many, many people, including priests, nuns and lay people from various walks of life.

The Miracle on the Mountain that reportedly occurred on September 7th featured many of the above ‘miracles’. Even ‘angels’ appeared to the faithful:

Angel stories

Monique Lanting, who was seated on the mountain path, narrated this story by text: “The entrance hymn for the 6 p.m. Mass had started when I looked and saw something white below the cliff. At first I didn’t know what it was, so I looked away. When I looked again, the white figure was still there. I didn’t feel any fear, nor did I get goosebumps as I continued to stare at it. I clutched at Tita (Aunt) Maricar and asked if she, too, could see it. All of a sudden, the figure flapped its wings. That’s when my Tita said that we had seen an angel. We even saw the angel walk upwards. It disappeared when my Tita and I sat down.”

via Miracle on the mountain: ?My Mother is here? –, Philippine News for Filipinos « Kit’s Blog.

The big question is this: What is the source of Emma de Guzman’s ‘miracles’? Is she intentionally deceptive, or is she being deceived? The real Jesus Christ does not contradict Himself. He states unequivocally, that He is the only way to heaven. John 14:6 says: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

De Guzman’s Marian and Christ visions tell her otherwise.You can watch a video of de Guzman during a meeting earlier this year, where she explains what Jesus and Mary  have told her:

Note, that de Guzman says here that all faiths come to Jesus (Muslim, Jewish, Catholic — we are all created by God, and we are going to heaven). At the very least, this statement is heretical.


  1. I do believe what she said if we abide with God’s Plan and we submited our life for God, that God will bring us to heaven. We are all created by one God who is merciful and lovely Father. But the chioce is from us, do we believed, do we abide, do we love God with all our hearts mind and soul? Let us examine ourself. God is so love that he chose Emma to represent his messages. Are we ready to move forward and live the way God want us to live? Be humble and be holy for God is Holy. May the Lord be with us always and grant us peace on earth.

  2. i truly believed it….just let your heart feel jesus and mama marys presence… can really see them there…
    Glorify God forever….

  3. Yes, I believe that God chose Emma for she is lowly, simple and God loving. God wants us to be like her, prayerful and never abuse the goodness of our God…life on earth is just temporary sooner or later our life will be taken away and it is for us to choose where will our soul go. Since we are God’s adoptive children through Jesus..we must stop being skeptical, we must live according to God’s ways, we take up our cross daily without groaning and offer our life to Him for we are His children.We must obey and listen to God’s Word.

  4. Yes we are all on a journey towards God. God loves us so much that He gave us His only begotten son. HE is giving us the opportunity to turn to HIM with the help of Mohter Mary. Miracles sent thru visionary the like of Emme De Guzman.

    May the name of Jesus Christ our lord be praise now and forever.

  5. I was personally there last Sept 8, 2009 when it was raining so hard and there was no light when at the eve of that night, while still raining the sky cleared and we all saw what was like a “dancing moon” for about 5 mins. You may not believe it is real but once you are there and experienced it yourself, you will believe.

  6. Emma said as long as we do what God wants us to do we (anyone) will go to heaven. That is not heretical. The Catholic Church has the fullness of Revelation. It is the historical Christianity, (read Patristics). Look honestly at the fruit of Emma’s life and stop dividing the Church.

  7. Miracles, signs and wonders are created by God to draw worship to HIM, not to another source! These “miracles” are drawing devotion to MARIAN WORSHIP, which is at it’s source, demonic: it is idolatry!

    Mary would be appalled to see her name being used in this way, she wants us to glorify the Son alone!

    Jesus is not one way among many, he is the ONLY way! Not through Islam, nor Judaism, nor Hinduism, nor any other religion. It is all about Jesus!

    God can do miracles and signs and wonders, but these are not drawing worship to Christ Jesus, and are thus from the devil.

    I hope this woman realized the deception she’s in.

  8. i believe that God and Mama Mary choosed her to lead all of us ,,to the right way and truth,,my faith is strong that she is choosen one from God ,,

  9. I believe that the signs and wonders are necessary to draw people back to God. In this day and age when we as a people are starting to think that we can do whatever we want, signs and wonders are God’s way of telling us of his infinite power. Also, wherever the Blessed Mother is, so is Jesus. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying … To Jesus thru Mary. Please do not criticize the Blessed Mother for no other creature that ever lived is as blessed as she is. No other creature that ever lived would be closer to Jesus than her. Her only purpose as always for appearing to us is to draw us near to her Son.

    We do not worship her either. The statues of her are a reminder of our her who is in heaven. The beauty of our faith teaches us that Blessed Mother prays on our behalf to the Lord Jesus.

  10. those who have closed their eyes to God’s new wonders, and deny right away His works ,don’t give Him the chance
    to come into their lives. The Holy Spirit will not enter into them.

  11. One cannot judge as a lie what one has not seen or experienced.

    The Catholic faith teaches us to be reverent and loving of our Blessed Mother, who is greatly loved by her Son, Jesus. In her, He found great consolation as he trudged the lonely, weary road to Calvary. She is His co-redemptrix, something which non-Catholics may find difficult to accept.

    If we can love our own mothers who bore us and raised us as best as they could, would Jesus not want us to love His own Mother, who suffered with Him on earth, as well?

  12. The message of the apparitions to the 3 children of fatima, to St. Bernadette, to Marriette Beco, and even those who are still under investigation of the church like in Garabandal spain, and now with Emma de Guzman, would always center to please Jesus, and that is all about love,because only through that, that we, in every part of the world would truly make us one nation. Those who are insisting that the apparition of the Blessed Mother to anyone comes from the evil spirit, may take into consideration that the Catholic church has set guidelines to affirm the authenticity of the apparition so as not to misled her people. True enough that we should be very careful about this things, whether to believe it or not,but one thing is for sure,even from the very start, the apparitions of Mother Mary would always remind us about our relationship with her son, His love for all of us. If this manifestation will hurt anyone,for it may seem, it leads to worship to Mary like God,the Catholic believers understand it is not. The power of prayer and sacrifice,the miracles of the spirit, continue to teach the people of how we may live and better understand the Love of God to us.

  13. I spent my birthday last June 2011 praying the rosary with friends to Our Lady of love, peace & joy in the Mountain of Salvation. I had a beautiful remembrance with a picture of Our Lady’s radiance shining on me. I’m glad June Keithley produced a film titled, Emma. I’m sure this has touched a lot of lives. It has led me back to God, to be a better person.

  14. Many poor cattle being led off to slaughter.
    ALL man-made religion is corrupt. The truth is
    in the WORD of Yahuwah Himself. Read scriptures
    and seek His face and HIS way for us to worship Him.
    He gave us an owner’s manual, we MUST refer to it
    to find HIS truth. Do not be deceived by the many lying signs
    and wonders that He Himself warned us about.

  15. I have watched the two hour series of emma’s documentary. I was shaken and although i believed in Jesus and Mary i have pushed them aside for a long time. My heart is transformed now and it has reminded me of my sins and all the times i havent forgiven. all the bitterness. I am going to start reciting the rosary again. I never heard of emma before this and it lead me to it. Emma is the chosen one by God. She is a saint and she will fullfil her work. Many born again christians are trying to tare the catholic church down. They are discrediting the virgin mary having once loved her themselves. They have turned into bitter people and their only purpose as born again christians is to disregard Mary the mother of Jesus. So sad.

  16. I don’t believe that this woman is used by God. She is not even a worshiper of the true God, Jehovah. Jesus said that we must worship only his Father, Jehovah (Matt 4:10) because he alone is the true God (John 17:3). Mary was a faithful servant of Jehovah God, and the best way to imitate Mary’s life is to be a loyal servant of the true God, Jehovah. Let’s not be misled by Satan’s lies and deceptions. These so-called “miracles” are Satan’s works. May the holy name of Jehovah God be sanctified forever!

  17. i believe she`s an instrument from GOD for the conversions of lost souls through OUR BLESSED MOTHER MARY OUR INTERCESSOR.For the Filipino people whose been noted to call her MAMA MARY….GOD loves our country….that`s why he sent MAMA MARY to remind us….to come back and believe that OUR LORD JESUS IS OUR SAVIOUR….our BLESSED MOTHER MARY IS OUR PROTECTOR…..ANYWAY THE TRIBULATION IS ALMOST OVER,THE GREAT TRIBULATION IS STARTING SOON….WE SHOULD START SPENDING MORE TIME IN PRAYERS…

  18. Im praying that one day we can make a rosary together … And can touch your hand, for I know that by touching you is like I’m hugging mama Mary… I love you so much mama!!!

  19. All faiths ( christians & non-christians, Jews & muslims included) will eventually come to Jesus, that’s is how people will be saved and I think that is what Emma is saying.

  20. Her statements are not heretical. Infact they are real. All faiths no matter how they choose to venerate god will go to his kingdom in the end. Walking in Christ’s foosteps living according to his law. will bring one closer to the Lord. Does not matter if you are catholic, buddhist, muslim or hindu the content of ones heart is important. These lies that those who are not christian cannot enter his kingdom is propagated by the Born Again Christians. It is a pity we cannot all unite loving god and sharing that love with others.

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