‘Captain Michael’ answers questions, sort of…

This video is from KULR-Channel 8 TV, Billings, Montana and has been posted to YouTube by a third party, who chose to name the video Two Rivers FEMA Camp. Neither this site nor KULR8 is making the claim that this is a FEMA operation. However, if APF really has handed over large sums to Hardin authorities, as reports maintain, then who is footing the bill?

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  1. I found your blog by fortunate accident. I thought I’ll stop by today and see if you have any input on the hype on this Hardin Jail. There sure is something out of the ordinary going on, but I see and hear Alex Jones (prisonplanet) hyping this out of context. He interviewed Steve Quale who said that the prison had room for tens of thousands of prisoners (?) but according to the video it says there are 464 beds with the possibility of expanding with 500 more beds. That would be less than a thousand. “This is it, this is the end” was the message. Is it really that big? I haven’t been to Hardin since 1996 (pulling out a bad tooth,,lol!).
    Anyways, thanks for a nice blog!
    Blessings from Sweden

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